Pakistan to expedite steps to curb terror financing, money laundering: Ahsan

Pakistan to expedite steps to curb terror financing, money laundering: Ahsan

ISLAMABAD:Interior Minister Ahsan Iqbal says Pakistan will expedite steps to curb terror financing and money laundering.

Talking to media in Lahore, he said Pakistan's performance in the war on terror was better than others, but the country still faced pressure from Washington.He said over the last four years, we have also registered great successes in the war on terror and we are going ahead with our anti-terrorist steps.

He said our enemy is threatening of surgical strikes and also hatching conspiracies. He said it is time that we get united to foil its conspiracies.Earlier, speaking at a workshop, the Interior Minister said the youth have a crucial role in economic development of the country.

He said the future of Pakistan is connected with the youth and we have to prepare them as per the future requirements. He said development of youth is basic purpose of the incumbent government.Ahsan Iqbal said we are empowering our youth to ensure their contribution in the process of progress and prosperity. He said Pakistan is among the countries where youth are in majority.

The Interior Minister said now Pakistan is being recognized as an emerging IT power due to its digitally empowered youth. He said the PML-N led government gave a long-term plan for country's development. He said now the menace of terrorism has been curbed well as the water and power crisis have also been overcome.  AAP/AFP