Ahad Cheema owns 21 properties in Pakistan and abroad: Report

Ahad Cheema owns 21 properties in Pakistan and abroad: Report

LAHORE - Former DG LDA Ahad Cheema seems to be in serious trouble as at least 21 properties of the officer have been revealed in Pakistan and abroad.

He owns 21 properties inside and outside the country. During last one year, he has loaned Rs 21.6 million to one of his brothers while investing Rs 15 million in the United States with another.

He also owns 2.5 kilograms of gold which is in his wife’s possession while his annual expenses are Rs 8.4 million.

Cheema’s monthly income is Rs 2 million (24 million annually) and earns another Rs 2.3 million annually as agricultural income.

He owns 20 kanals of agricultural land in Kot Momin, and over 134 kanals in Bhik Ahmad Yar, Hafizabad. He also owns over 113 kanals of other land. His 3-kanal plot in Lahore’s Baath village in Cantt is worth Rs 20 million and another plot in Cantt is worth Rs 40 million.

There are other properties in his name as well, located in Model Town and other areas of Lahore, Cooperative Society in Islamabad, Hillock View Islamabad and Federal Government Employees Housing Scheme in Islamabad. Moreover, he bought a plot in FIA Employees Housing Society Islamabad, one in G-13 and 2 in Faisal Residencia Islamabad on instalments.

Cheema also bought a plot in LDA Avenue worth more than 10 million rupees during his tenure as LDA DG and also owns cash, bonds and shares worth Rs 14.5 million.