Two PIA planes narrowly escapes disastrous collision

Two PIA planes narrowly escapes disastrous collision

Web Desk: Two Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) planes were saved from a deadly collision at Islamabad airport on Saturday when pilot of one plane that was about to land changed its direction at the last moment when another plane was seen already positioned there.

It was reported that PIA flight PK-352 from Quetta to Islamabad was given a go ahead to land at the Islamabad airport in spite of the fact that another plane about to take off to Lahore was positioned on the same runway.

As per initial reports, the blunder was committed on part of Air Traffic Control authorities who had given permission to the landing plane while another plane was present on the runway. The Islamabad to Lahore plance present on the runway also had passengers aboard. 

Hence the collision would have resulted into deadly accident. However it was averted at the last moment when almost 1500 meters away from the runway the pilot himself saw another plane on the runway and changed its direction.