Irfan Mehsud from Pakistan make it to Guiness Book of World Record

Irfan Mehsud from Pakistan make it to Guiness Book of World Record

DERA ISMAIL KHAN: Muhammad Ifran Mehsud made it to the Guinness World Record (GWR) for his spectacular Kung Fu skills .

Pakistan and South Asia Wushu Federation President Malik Iftikhar commented, “His biggest achievement came for breaking five records consecutively in the year 2016.”

The Guinness World Records approved Mehsud’s record for ‘full knee striking using one leg is 87.’ The rest of his records include 31 pushups in a minture with one leg raised, carrying 40lb pack. The most knuckle pushups in one minute is 26, the most knuckle pushups on one leg raised carrying a 40-lb pack in one minute is 21, and the most pushups in which one leg is raised, carrying an 80-lb pack in one minute is 21. He achieved these records from July to October in 2016.

Mehsud, 26, is an MPhil student from Ladha, in the militancy-plagued South Waziristan tribal region.

“I was really stunned to know that a person from the tribal region and whose family has been displaced has emerged at the global arena,” he stated.

According to sources, Mehsud informed the media that his parents had to migrate to Dera Ismail Khanbecause of clashes between Pakistani security forces and militants.

Mehsud declared his achievement as a “Record Title Holder” as a life turning event. He said there are no limitations on a player to break the record on any given day. “My predecessor had maintained the record for one and a half year until I broke it in October,” he stated. Mehsud broke the record of another Pakistani too. Ahmad Amin Bodla was the record holder for making 79 strikes in one minute while Mehsud got 87 strikes in the same time. Bodla belongs to Punjab province of Pakistan.

The PSB policy is silent about the promotion of Kung Fu in the country which is very unfortunate for Mehsud.

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