Sheikh Rashid Ahmed warns of a 'end war' against India over Kashmir

Sheikh Rashid Ahmed warns of a 'end war' against India over Kashmir

MIRPUR - Minister for Railways Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad Saturday said if any war imposed by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Pakistan or Azad Jammu Kashmir would not be a traditional fight as it would be the last war fought in the region. “ There is an old rapport between Lal Haveli Rawalpindi and Lal Chowk of Srinagar. If Narendra Modi starts a war with Pakistan then it will not be a traditional war but will be the last one. After this war neither any grass will grow in India nor bells will ring in the temple of Balla Jee,” he said this while addressing a Kashmir rally in Dhir Kot town of Azad Jammu Kashmir.

He said, “Hitlar Modi has committed a mistake by altering the status of occupied Kashmir. Modi, who has been keeping the innocent Kashmiri Muslims in siege for last 20 days in the bleeding vale of Kashmir, does not know that Lall Haveli is connected with Lall Chowk of Srinagar and time will soon tell him that.”

The minister said the people of Indian held Kashmiris had been rendering sacrifices of their lives for the last 72 years and now they were looking towards Pakistan.

Underlining the Kashmiris’ deep-rooted love and affection for Pakistan, Sheikh Rasheed recalled that when Javed Miandad had won the cricket match against India by striking a sixer then the Kashmiris expressed their extreme jubilation over that victory of Pakistan.

He said the valiant armed forces of Pakistan were fully prepared to respond to any Indian misadventure.