India is slapping it's own face: Chinese Foreign Ministry

India is slapping it's own face: Chinese Foreign Ministry

China on Thursday said India's construction activities for military purposes along the border are not helping maintain stability of the western sector of the border or easing tensions from the military standoff.

Reacting to Indian media reports, Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying said at a press briefing on Thursday that it seems that India is slapping its own face and "the move shows India says one thing and does another on the border issue."

Hua said that India illegally crossed over into China's territory, claiming "security concerns" when China tried to build roads in its own territory.

As the Doklam standoff between India and China continues, the Indian Union Home Ministry has asked the Border Roads Organization to construct a stand-alone road from Marsimik La to Hot Spring in Ladakh to ensure access to "vantage points" for security forces, The Indian Express reported on Wednesday.

"The 32.9-kilometer road will give security forces access to remote areas to the east of the Ladakh region, which had earlier witnessed aggression from Chinese forces, officials said," The Indian Express reported.

"The western sector of the boundary between China and India has yet to be delimited, and the two sides agreed to jointly safeguard peace and stability in the border areas. India's construction activities in the western sector for military purposes do no good to provide peace and stability in the area or to ease tensions along the border," Hua said.

Global Times 

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