Local manufactureres welcome Commerce Ministry's decision

Local manufactureres welcome Commerce Ministry's decision

ISLAMABAD: (APP) The local manugacturers have warmly welcomed the assurance from commerce minister Eng. Khurram Dastgir Khan in which he has assured the parliamentary committee that the government is in the process of completing the National Tarriff Commission (NTC) by appointing members within one month time period.

A meeting of the NTC stakeholders forum was held at local hotel here on Thursday in which a majority of the domestic producers, whose cases were pending before NTC participated.

The participants expressed their deep concerns and apprehensions over the dysfunctional state of affairs of NTC sincs 2009.

The Participants suggested the government to appoint the members of the commission without any delay as only domestic industry is facing huge loss due to the dumped imports of products from different countries.

The participants requested the government to appoint the members of the NTC who must have the qualification and meet with criteria as prescribed in section 5 of the NTC ordinance 2015 to avoid any future litigation in courts.

The participants also requested the minister of Commerce and Industry to take appropriate measures to dispel impression created by certain quarters about any rift between the Secretary commerce and incumbent chairman of NTC .

The leading domestic industries are unanimous of the fact that the investment to the tune of billions would be guaranteed in these sectors througth motivation in the shape of timely completion of investigations by the NTTC for imosition of anti-dumping duties, countervailing duties and safeguard measures against dumped imports where commission deemed appropriate.

The domestic industry in Pakistan operates in highly miserable conditions where there are multiple economic problems like aoad shedding, gas shortages and terrorism.

Although the political system has shown some maturity over a period of last few years but yet the economic conditions have to be improved.

The economic stability is achieved when there is political stability in the country and in Pakistan it may take another 15 to 20 years to achieve economic stability.

The domestic industry direly needs protection till the time the economic stability as well as economy of scale is achieved in this country.

If our governments want sustainable industrial growth in our country, the institutions resposnsible for keeping a check on the unfair trade practices shall have to be strengthened.

It is the irony of fact that the domestic industry is deprived of remedial measures available to the domestic industy in Pakistan due to ineffective NTC for the last many years.

Therefore, the stakeholders have decided to join hands and formed a forum named as "NTC Stakeholders Forum" facilitated by Organization for Advancement and Safeguard of Industrial Sector (OASIS) in order to raise collective voice for the constitution and sustainability of this institution.

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