(VIDEO): Donald Trump gets a snub from first lady Melania yet again

(VIDEO): Donald Trump gets a snub from first lady Melania yet again

WASHINGTON - US First Lady Melania Trump avoided holding her husband President Donald Trump’s hand once again.

The awkward encounter occurred as the Trumps welcomed French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife, Brigitte, to the White House on Tuesday for Trump administration's first state visit.

While posing for photos, Trump attempted to hold Melania's hand but she refused to let him.

Footage captured by MSNBC shows Trump’s attempts at holding the first lady’s hand.

At first, he is seen poking his left forefinger at the back of Melania’s right hand. As the move drew no response from the first lady, the US president is then seen trying to wrap his pinkie around her finger — another effort ignored by Melania.

In the third and final attempt, Trump outightly grabs Melania’s hand and wraps his fingers around it. While Melania held his hand back for a few moments, her somber expression did not change during the exchange.

Melania also drew attention with the wide-brimmed white hat she wore to welcome the Macrons.

This isn't the first time the first lady has avoided holding her husband's hand.

Last May she was caught swatting her husband's hand away during a visit to Tel Aviv, Israel. It happened again in February while the couple departed for the White House for a trip to Ohio.


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