PTI has lost majority in KP Assembly: ANP

PTI has lost majority in KP Assembly: ANP

PESHAWAR:Provincial general secretary ANP, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Sardar Hussain Babak said that the PTI is lacking the support of the required number of legislators in the provincial assembly. Therefore, it cannot pass budget in any circumstances.

In a statement issued here Tuesday, Sardar Hussain Babak, who is the parliamentary leader of ANP in KP Assembly said that if the provincial government really enjoy the backing of majority, then before the passage of budget it should first fill the vacant post of the Deputy Speaker in the house.

He said that for the sake of the passage of budget, the PTI government in KP has started knocking the doors of legislators. However, he said that opposition will not harm the worst flopped government. But, serious consultations for elections on the posts of Speaker and Deputy Speaker of the provincial assembly is continued.

The parliamentary leader of ANP in KP assembly said that during the period of last five years, the
provincial government had kept the opposition pushed towards the wall and after emptying the public exchequer it had now launched the propaganda campaign of presenting the provincial budget. But, he said people could not made fool through such tactics.

He said that the provincial government is leaving behind a huge budget of Rs.600 billion to create gigantic hardships for the upcoming government in the province. He questioned that how the
people of the province will pay a debt of Rs.300 billion back.

Sardar Babak said that the government, which had escaped the session of the provincial government could not face the members of the house.

He asked the Speaker to fill the vacant post of the Deputy Speaker with immediate effect. Otherwise, his own position would become at stake. He said that those claiming of coming back should tell about the number of their supporters in the provincial assembly. APP/AFP

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