Mian Manzoor Watto flips loyalties yet again

Mian Manzoor Watto flips loyalties yet again

*LAHORE - Former chief minister of Punjab Mian Manzoor Wattoo has flipped loyalties yet again.*

*He has finally left Pakistan Peoples Party and officially joined the Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI).*

Manzoor Watto who has served as vice president of PPP in the past was formally invited by the key PTI leaders, Jehangir Tareen, Federal Minister Ghulam Sarwar Khan and Punjab Senior Minister Aleem Khan, to join the ruling party.

In July 25 elections, Mr Wattoo violated the discipline of his former party (PPP) by contesting the polls as an independent candidate. However, the PPP didn’t take any disciplinary action against him.

He had reportedly struck a local seat adjustment with the PTI in a failed attempt to win.

Wattoo’s son, Khurram Jahangir Wattoo, and daughter, Rubina Shaheen, – both holding various PPP offices – had already embraced the PTI and contested the recent general election from its platform.