A big breakthrough in Afghanistan endgame

A big breakthrough in Afghanistan endgame

BEIJING - China is reportedly planning to host negotiations among Afghanistan’s rival factions aimed at finding a way out of years of war in the country, weeks after a diplomatic process involving the US and the Taliban militant group broke down.

A Taliban spokesman, Suhail Shaheen, said in a post on Twitter late on Tuesday that “China has invited a delegation ... to participate in the intra-Afghan dialog.”

“All participants will be attending the meeting in their personal capacity and they will share their personal opinions for solving the Afghan issue,” Shaheen added.

The talks will be held in China on October 28 and 29, according to Shaheen. It will be the first meeting between the Taliban and prominent figures from Kabul since a July round of intra-Afghan talks in the Qatari capital, Doha.

The Taliban have refused to talk to the Afghan government, calling it a US puppet, but officials have taken part in the intra-Afghan dialog as private citizens.