PTI achieves big success in Sindh

PTI achieves big success in Sindh

*KARACHI:* Sindh United Party (SUP), Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) and SUP developed a consensus on seat adjustments in the upcoming elections and showed an inclination towards continuing the alliance afterwards.

Key provincial leaders of both the PTI and SUP attended the meeting which was hosted by Syed Jalal Mehmood Shah of SUP. PTI’s Sindh President Arif Alvi and former CM Sindh Liaquat Ali Khan Jatoi were also present at the meeting.

SUP spokesperson Khawaja Naveed Amin said that initially, the two parties had only decided on fielding mutual candidates in elections across the province but after two years of meeting and discussing the poor performance of PPP government, the two parties agreed on seat adjustment. He also mentioned the possibility of continuing this alliance after the elections to form a government.

Leaders from the SUP and PTI said that Sindh was being destroyed due to corruption, awful-governance by PPP and unemployment and the people of the province were living in poor condition and hunger. “The people of Sindh are tired of the provincial government’s corruption and exploitation,” said Jatoi during the meeting.

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