Has Iran stabbed Pakistan from back yet again

Has Iran stabbed Pakistan from back yet again

Has Iran stabbed Pakistan in back yet again ?

Recent US Drone Strike in Baluchistan near Pakistan-Iran-Afghanistan border claimed to kill Afghan Taliban Supreme Commander Mullah Akhtar Mansoor; Pentagon spokesperson was quoted as saying by International Media.



Pakistan Foreign Office has identified the person as Mohammad Wali and resident of Chaman, A town near Pak-Iran Border.



However US and Afghan authorities are confirming that the dead man was Mullah Akhtar Mansoor .



Muhammad Wali or Mullah Akhtar Mansoor as claimed by US and Afghan Authorities was travelling from Iran and had entered Pakistan.



The fact sheet of the event follows as:




1) Mullah Manssor had entered Pakistan from Iran, where he had gone on a fake Pakistani passport but a 'genuine' Irani visa;



2) Mullah Mansoor had presumably gone there for consultations with Iran-based Afghan groups on future course of action;



3) He remained under constant vigil of the Irani intelligence agencies during his stay there;



4) He was on his way to Afghanistan after entering Pakistan from Taftan/Mir Javah border post when the vehicle that he had hired from Iran was hit by a drone-fired missile.



5. It was the third visit of Muhammad Wali/ Mullah Akhtar Mansoor to Iran.


However what went in background is much more interesting than the fact sheet.



Irani intelligence, with or without the connivance of the Americans, placed a tracking device in Mullah Mansoor's vehicle and informed the American who happily did the rest.



Iranians gained following long-term benefits:



1) They handed the Americans a prize target and gained their confidence to consider Iran as a trusted ally for American war against Afghan Taliban;



2) The operation could open further avenues of active cooperation between American and Iranian intelligence agencies for 'mutual benefits of the two countrirs in the region';



3) By removing a headache for Afghan government, Iranians gained favour at Kabul too;



4) A message to Pakistan that Jundullah and other anti-Iran outfits could also be targeted on Pakistani soil;

and last but never the lest that,



5) Please India with taking off what was supposedly a strong trump card  in Pakistan's hand in the  Afghan card-game  and also a response to Kulbhushan's arrest in Pakistan that had put lot of egg on the face of Iranian intelligence agencies.



Interestingly, and  coincidentally too, it happened when Modi is visiting Iran and Ashraf Ghnai has also been called in to join the celebrations !



Has Iran stabbed pakistan in the back.



If Iran was so loyal with Kabul then why not he arrested inside Iranian territory ?



What was he doing inside Iran ?



Afghan Taliban sources have claimed that Iran intelligence agency collaborated with US and facilitated the attack.



Is it the first time that Iran has done this to Pakistan ?



The tail does not start from here.



Decades ago Iranian Nuclear centriguge maps were leaked to US and media which resembled Pakistani nuclear technology designs hence the international pressure Pakistan had to face over the non proliferation.



Iranian soil use in Baluchistan dying insurgency is also not some thing new to defence strategists.



The arrested Indian RAW agent KulBoshan Yadev was also based in Iran and used to operate from there.



Iranian consulate of Zaidan along the Pakistan border has also been notorious for hosting Indian RAW agents in the past.



Inviting India to Chahbahar bypassing Pakistan was assumed as an economical project but Iranian President Rouhani termed it not only as economical but more of Political and startegic venture.



In international relations there is nothing as Brotherly state or Muslim Brothers, National Interest in Supreme;



Is it the Message for Pakistan from Brotherly Muslim country?


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