Now Battle hardened Pakistan's JF 17 Fighter Jet gets new markets in the World

Now Battle hardened Pakistan's JF 17 Fighter Jet gets new markets in the World

*ISLAMABAD - Pakistan's now battle tested JF 17 fighter Jet with Block III Batches is going to be marketed to the World.*

*Defence analyst, Air Marshall (Retd) Shahid Latif has said that JF-17 Thunder would now be marketed to the world.*

Shahid Latif who has served as first chief project director of JF-17 Thunder, said by downing Indian aircrafts, JF-17 Thunder had established its worth before the world.

JF-17 Thunder was jointly developed by the Pakistan Aeronautical Complex and the Chengdu Aircraft Corporation of China.

He said it took 10 years to design the fighter jet, but Pakistan had completed it in three years.

“The global community has become well aware of its abilities now,” he said.

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I'm often asked if JF-17 Thunder can be a substitute of F-16 or Rafale Jets. Yes, after all this was the idea behind its development before we initiated its manufacturing in 2001. Like other technologies, this too would need a timely upgrade to meet all of our future requirements. Twitter Ads info and privacy link

Shahid Latif said Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed has also expressed his interest in buying the jet. link

Before his departure, the Malaysian premier got a detailed briefing on JF-Thunder fighter jets by Pakistan Air Force (PAF) officials.

He also inspected the aircraft, which has indigenously been manufactured by Pakistan with the collaboration of China.

On March 12, the PAF had successfully test-fired indigenously developed extended range smart weapon from JF-17 multi-role fighter aircraft.

“The weapon has been developed, integrated and qualified solely through indigenous efforts of Pakistani scientists and engineers,” the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) had said.

“Successful trial has provided JF-17 Thunder a very potent and assured day and night capability to engage variety of targets with pinpoint accuracy,” the military’s public affairs wing had said.

Myanmar, Nigeria, Malaysia and some Gulf and Central Asian States have expressed interest in Pakistan JF 17 fighter jet because of its potency and price both.