Hundreds of thousands of Britishers storm streets of London

Hundreds of thousands of Britishers storm streets of London

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Hundreds of thousands of protesters swamped London on Saturday demanding another referendum on EU membership amid political paralysis over Brexit, in one of the country's biggest protests in decades.

Organisers said about a million people opposed to Britain leaving the European Union joined what they called the "Put it to the People" march, descending on the capital by road and rail from across the country.

Wielding an array of anti-Brexit signs and EU flags, they first gathered at Hyde Park before walking the approximately two-mile route to Westminster -- whistling, cheering and chanting. by Taboola link: Sponsored Links link: . link Top Herbs to Clean Up Your KidneysOrganic Welcome link

"It's terrible," protester Emma Sword told AFP of the current political gridlock.

"We need to revoke Article 50 and if we can't do that, then we need the people's vote," she said, referring to the EU legal mechanism Britain invoked for Brexit. - APP/AFP

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