HOOLIGANISM of IJT Islami Jammiat Tuliba

HOOLIGANISM of IJT Islami Jammiat Tuliba

Culture is an important element in life of Humans as it Politics and worships it goes back to an old civilization when it comes to Culture Festivity it was part of ancient civilization have been celebrating since long and yet it is part of it.

Culture is celebrating in all over the world throughout the year in different countries of the world.

Pashtun is one of the most peaceful and serving community living in Pakistan and Afghanistan who loved their Culture more than anyone else they celebrating their culture with full of enthusiasm and love once in a year ,Students of Pashtun community Studying in Punjab University Lahore belongs to different province and district of Pakistan.

There are many Baloch students belongs to Balochistan who celebrated their cultural day on 13th of March although their cultural day is on 2 of march but the University Administration did not Allow them due to unrest situation of the country as 2 blast exploded in Lahore they celebrated the cultural event with full whisked along with other students.

Pashtun Students From KP,FATA and Balochistan have decided to celebrate their culture festival in University with the official approval of VC and Administration they succeeded and got the approval of Cultural festival by VC,date was mentioned 21 of march Students made precious flex and chart about their cultural event with a heavy amount they have arranged different items of Pashtun Culture and stalled many other items including Pashtun culture Cloths ,shoes ,turban, wasket and many other things they also arranged cameras loudspeaker and drone camera for the recording of that Cultural festival the preparation was in full swing before the cultural day Students were busy in their Preparation some of IJT members had come there to eradicate all that items but did not succeeded late mid night they were wondering in University to find out the flex that were displayed for the awareness of cultural event but all that they found and rived all that and broke the law of Pakistan as well the university rules and regulation.

On 21 march all were set for the Cultural festival the stall the exhibition the cultural rally started from the department of sociology with walk having flex and hand card in hand they reached where it was selected for the cultural events the destination was Faisal Auditorium as its an important area for the viewers for such kind of events the Cultural festival was in mid when the chief guest of that event Minister for Higher Education Commission Mr Syed Raza Ali Gillani came and met with those Students and visited all the stall and items which displayed there for the spectators He really enjoyed and appreciated the event after visiting the stall he then left for his office on the other hand IJT goons did not get permission for any kind of activity and program in the same area they have installed their own stall with a heavy loudspeaker without any permission by the Administration of university however when Pashtun Students whisked with their fellow students the Assailants of IJT already planed with heavy stick and brick in hand and attacked those Pashtun Fellows who were celebrating their culture festival in front of thousand students and spectators all this happened in front of media , University private guard and 200 official police officers instead of to stopped the Assailants the police started beating the Pasthun by bating , resorted aerial firing and tear gassing to divergent the Pashtun Students the Administration and Police both Failed to protected the Pashtun Students from IJT goons. IJT goons threatened and pushed the female Pashtun Student.

It all goes viral on media and left more than 18 students injured Punjab Law Minister put the responsibility of the clash on Islami Jamiat Tulba activist he said that 18 out of 22 arrested students involved in brawl belonged to IJT .the Students demands a strict punishment for the culprit who were indulged and ruined the Cultural festival it has said that this is an attacked on our honor and turban so we want justice from the Government of Punjab and CM of Punjab to take step immediately against the IJT Assailant their valid and strong demand is to ban the consequential wing of Jamiat Islami for a lif time with a written memorandum since yesterday there have been struggle to resolve the issue through negotiation but Pashtun Students along with others Council including Baloch Council, Sindh Council, and many others endeavored to hold a peace full rally to record the protest in front of media in University but they did not allow by the Administration of University as there were 500 hundred Police constable to the suppress the Students they recorded the Slogan indicating that their only demand is to ban IJT officially from the University for a life time.the writer is Native of zhob any Graduated from the university of Punjab.