(VIDEO): Nawaz Sharif Audio message leaked from Adiala Jail

(VIDEO): Nawaz Sharif Audio message leaked from Adiala Jail

ISLAMABAD - Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif , in an audio message from Adial Jail, has urged the masses to vote for his Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) party in upcoming general elections.

“The historic day of July 25 has arrived and despite being imprisoned I am witnessing your passion, and listening to *vote* *ko izzat do* (respect the vote) chants … I want to tell you that the time has finally arrived to give one final push to break the wall responsible for our flaws,” the PML-N supremo said in the message, shared through his daughter Maryam Nawaz’s Twitter handle.

Sharif, who along with his daughter and son-in-law Captain (retd) Safdar is incarcerated for 10 years in the Avenfield reference, said they were only facing imprisonment for launching a movement for people’s rights and respect.

“The time is rife to make this movement a success … announce such a historic verdict that flush away all those verdicts which have turned Pakistan into a graveyard of justice,” he added.

The ousted premier called upon his supporters to leave their houses after morning prayers on July 25 and change the destiny of the nation by casting vote to his party.

“This is a golden opportunity given to you by the Almighty and you’ll have to change the destiny of Pakistan at any cost.”

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