Why Zainab's father has not been allowed to meet the killer Imran

Why Zainab's father has not been allowed to meet the killer Imran

KARACHI: Zainab’s father on Wednesday put forward his demands to the government that he wanted fulfilled.

Zainab’s father said that he wanted to meet with suspect Imran Ali which he considered his constitutional right. However it creates unnecessary suspicion that why government or police has not allowed Zainab father to meet the culprit till now.

Secondly, he said that the place from where Zainab’s body was found should be turned into a children’s hospital.

“The place where Zainab’s body was dumped should be acquired by the government and turned into a children’s hospital,” he said.

“The area is a garbage dump and previously another dead body was also dumped there. We don’t want another dead body to be recovered from there,” he added.

Amin Ansari said that due to the garbage dump diseases were spreading across the city. He further said that there was no children’s hospital in Kasur and patients had to be taken to Lahore for medical treatment hence a hospital should be built there.

In response to a question, Zainab’s father admitted that Rana Sanaullah had told him before the press conference to put forward his demand regarding the criminal’s public execution but told him that the other demands would be discussed later.

“However, the government representatives have not heard my other demands and have not contacted or given me a time yet as to when will they discuss them with me,” he said.