Intezar Ahmed murder case: New developments surface

Intezar Ahmed murder case: New developments surface

KARACHI – The Counter Terrorism Department recorded the statements of Madiha Kayani, the eyewitness, and former SSP ACL Muqadas Haider on Wednesday.

Muqadas Haider said that he did not recognize Madiha Kayani or Intizar Ahmed. Madiha Kayani also refused to recognize the former SSP.

On the other hand, Intizar’s father said that his son was murdered under a plan. “Eighteen shots were fire at the vehicle, but Madiha did not get a bruise,” he said.

Meanwhile, MQM Pakistan leaders Amir Khan and Khawaja Izhar visited the house of the slain youth to offer their condolences.

Amir Khan demanded that the CCTV footage of the incident should be made public.

PTI leader Imran Ismail said that Intizar was murdered for nothing. He demanded that former SSP Muqadas Haider should be arrested and his name should be put on the ECL.