How a Jacket with two giant buttons helped in arresting Zainab murder case prime accused

How a Jacket with two giant buttons helped in arresting Zainab murder case prime accused

LAHORE - A jacket owned by Imran, who was the main accused of the Zainab murder case was among the evidence that helped the police to narrow down on the suspect, revealed a BBC report <link>. [image: an image]

The CCTV video which went viral showed the suspect wearing a zip-up jacket having two giant buttons at either side of the jacket top. However, the CCTV footage did not clearly show the jacket's colour.

The police nonetheless carried out a raid at the suspect's house where a black jacket with a similar design was found. Imran was eventually arrested as the prime accused after his DNA matched with the sample collected from the site where Zainab's body was dumped.

According to the report, the suspect's mother aided the police in tracking him down after his DNA samples matched.

After the police arrested Imran, the suspect reportedly confessed to assaulting eight minor girls at an under-construction site and two others in a garbage heap. He also admitted to murdering five minor girls at an under-construction site and throwing away the bodies of three others in a garbage pile, sources said.

The suspect Imran resided in the same neighbourhood as Zainab. He is unmarried and 24 years old. [image: an image]

Zainab's father, speaking in Geo News programme 'Aaj Shahzeb Khanzada Kaay Saath' said on Tuesday that the accused had tricked his daughter by saying that he was taking her to meet her parents.

According to sources, Imran and the victim's family knew each other and he had visited Zainab's house a number of times before.

Investigative sources probing the case revealed that the suspect used to lure his victims by promising to buy them candies, hair clips and other goodies.

Sources also revealed that Imran assaultedsix-year-old Kainat, who is currently undergoing treatment at a hospital in Lahore, by promising to buy her yogurt.

Imran had been nabbed by the police in the initial days following Zainab's murder, but he was released soon after when he pretended to have had a heart attack, sources said.

After his DNA matched, however, he was tracked down by the police and arrested again.