When would US "do more" rhetoric end against Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan can and must "do more" to eradicate terrorist safe heavens from its territory; President Barack Obama was quoted as saying by Press Trust of India PTI.

In a recent interview with PTI published on Sunday, US President once again repeated the oft quoted mantra "do more" to Pakistan.

Pakistan must act against terrorists and safe heavens in its territory against those who are destabilising and creating havoc in the whole region.

While appreciating the Pakistani resolve against terrorism after ops Zarb e Azab he criticised Pak administration for not doing enough against safe heavens.

Referring to the recent attacks on Bacha Khan University Charsada he further added that Pakistan is itself victim of terrorism and it would be in its prime interest to go further hard against these elements.

Reference was further given of the PathanKot Air Base attack in India which reportedly killed 11 Indian officials including a serving Colonel of Indian Armed Forces. While talking of the attack he emphasised upon Pakistan to eradicate the safe heavens of terrorists.

The advice may not be of utter surprise to National Security Policy makers in Pakistan but what worries is the Choice of platform and the timing of the interview.

An interview to the Press Trust of India and referring to PathanKot attack and in the same breath talking about save heavens eradication by Pakistan gives an affirmation to the Indian stance of terrorists entry from Pakistan via the riverine routes.

President Obama may have pleased his Indian counter parts after issuing the statement but forgot to read the internal enquiry report by the DIG of Border Security Forces which could not provide any evidence of the terrorist entry from the Pakistan side.

Just provision of the evidence of the Dicloran injectons in the bodies of the JeM militants whom India alleged to be the master minds of the attack cannot hold Pakistan responsible for the PathanKot Carnage.

On the other hand APS School Peshawar and Bacha Khan University Charsada are open examples of the terrorist safe heavens in the region within Afghanistan thriving with the backings of some regional countries.

Are the terrorists safe heavens in Afghanistan not in visual of US Intelligence community ?

Who is behind these rogue elements of TTP and Daesh in Afghanistan?

Who is providing sanctuary to Daesh and TTP in Afghanistan?

Who is providing finances, arms and ammunitions to TTP and Daesh in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has provided evidences of the use of Afghan land against its sovereignty at the highest forums in USA, UN and other bilateral and multilateral forums but little could be heard from either USA or UN bodies in this regard.

Pakistan has been strictly apprehensive of the Indian consulates clandestine activities in eastern Afghanistan and latest in the series is the rise of Daesh and sanctuaries of TTP which have started to collaborate with each other against Pakistan.

Operation Zarb e Azab started in Pakistan with a force of over 1,82,000 troops is the world's largest counter terrorist operation successfully conducted by Pakistan Army.

The successes have reaped results and terrorism in Pakistan has reduced drastically minus few latest incidences where terrorist sanctuaries across the border with backing of few rogue elements in both NDS and RAW have succeeded to intrude in.

Pakistan is committed to its war against terrorist and emerging as victorious in one of the toughest unconventional war which the countries like Syria and Iraq could not even sustain and descended into chaos and anarchy.

US President do more mantra at this point of time will not add any good to the counter terrorism ops which Pakistan is presently under going through out the country in order to flush out the terrorism out of its land.

Such kind of remarks of doubting Pakistan's sincerity in its counter terrorism operations given to Indian media will only add a sour taste between the Pakistan and US relations.

Pakistan being an ally of US in its Global War On Terrorism GWOT expects from the US authorities to be fair in its assessment and should address Pakistani concerns of Indian involvement in internal affairs of Pakistan through use of Afghan soil.