What a Chinese female has to say about Pulwama Attack? Must watch (VIDEO)


ISLAMABAD - Dana Wang, an Australia born Chinese who recently travelled to Pakistan as part of her food and travel blogging, took to Instagram to share her opinion on the Pulwama Attack.

The post that was uploaded a day ago has been shared more than four thousand times.

With her message, Dana hopes to give hope to Pakistanis being trolled over the internet. “Currently there is a lot of negativity towards Pakistanis over social media and on the media,” she said.

“This is a sensitive topic that I was planning to leave aside but I’ve already talked about it and it keeps coming up, so I’ll just share my two cents again,” she wrote in her Instagram post.

“Telling the truth is one thing, but brainwashing the public with anti-Pakistan propaganda near the election in India is another. It’s not hard to gain extra votes by emotionally manipulating the public and then play the victim when the real victims are Kashmiris and Pakistanis who have always been blamed,” she added.

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