RaddFasaad: Pakistan Army gains first major success

RaddFasaad: Pakistan Army gains first major success

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Army has gained first major success in the newly launched operation Radd ul Fassad.

Pakistan Army announced on Wednesday to launch operation ‘Radd-ul- Fasaad’ against terrorists all over the country.

Security sources said the terrorists killed in the shelling of Pakistan Army at Afghan border were mastermind of recent militant attack in Lahore that claimed 13 lives including two high police officials.

Both terrorists were affiliated to Jamaat-ul-Ahrar. One of them has been identified as Hikmatyar alias Qari Zubair.

Zubair was coordinator of hostile agency and incharge of Punjab Transit Camp in Afghanistan.

The second includes Wajihullah alias Ahrar, who was sponsored by a hostile intelligence agency for terrorist activities in Pakistan, security sources said.

He was mastermind of recent suicide attack in Lahore and earlier incidents in Punjab, they added.