Pakistan faces a worst setback in fight against Coronavirus

Pakistan faces a worst setback in fight against Coronavirus

A mutated Coronavirus strain similar to the one that emerged from the UK has been identified in Karachi, Geo News link has reported.

According to the Chairman of PM’s Task Force on Coronavirus, Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman, the strain has been sent to Karachi University for further evaluation and an official confirmation is awaited. ------------------------------

Dr. Atta-ur-Rehman said that more than 200 pharmaceutical companies have started the development of the vaccine to combat the new Coronavirus strain.

He also stressed promoting research-based work in the country to enable Pakistani scientists to develop vaccines indigenously.

Note that many countries have imposed travel restrictions on the UK after the British government announced the detection of a more infectious strain of Coronavirus in the southern parts of England earlier this month. ------------------------------


Pakistan has also banned the entry of passengers coming from the UK in a bid to prevent the mutated strain from transmitting in the country. Only the travelers holding Pakistani passports are allowed to enter the country after fulfilling certain conditions.

Moreover, the Federal Ministry of Health, on the recommendation of NCOC, has directed provincial authorities to trace and test all individuals who traveled to Pakistan from the UK before 22 December.