Pakistan government to launch Ferry Services for multiple countries

Pakistan government to launch Ferry Services for multiple countries

ISLAMABAD - Ministry of Maritime Affairs has announced plans to start Ferry services for different destinations in the Middle East, including Dubai, Jeddah, Basra, and Amman.

“Ferry services require a NOC from the Ministry of Defense as we have applied once again for the service and included Jeddah, Basra, Amman along Dubai for the destination to make it feasible,” said Ali Zaidi, Minister for Maritime Affairs while talking to the business community at Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI). ------------------------------

Through Ferry services, Hajj, Umrah and pilgrimages to Middle Eastern countries can become economical. The government plans to welcome the private sector to operate such services.

Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs, Syed Ali Hyder Zaidi, has told that a new shipping policy would provide exemptions from taxes and duties for buying new vessels to promote the shipping industry in the country.

According to the upcoming policy, freight rates would be charged in local currency instead of Dollars, this would cut the cost of doing business, he further said. ------------------------------

A comprehensive policy for land approval has been devised which would also restrict corruption in the process. Now the companies coming to establish LNG terminals would pay the 10 million dollars for the land and government-to-government guarantee wouldn’t be provided, he added.