Pakistani Bank was hit with cyber attack from 44 countries: Report

Pakistani Bank was hit with cyber attack from 44 countries: Report

ISLAMABAD - The senior official of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) have revealed that Bank Islami was hit by a cyber attack from 44 countries which effected 6000 bank acounts.

The FIA’s senior official claimed hackers based in forty-four countries had accessed the Visa money transfer service to funnel off the amount, reports *Dawn.*

According to the FIA, the bank had engaged the services of an international forensic audit expert and a global money transfer entity to investigate the hacking.

The official stated a report from a global expert was expected since it would assist the banking sector and the FIA to bolster their firewalls to prevent any further such instances.

An enquiry has also been commenced and details from the 44 countries where the hackers belong have been sought, said the official.

Interestingly, Pakistan doesn’t have any agreements regarding joint investigation and evidence sharing against crimes with many of these countries.

The other major impediment being faced by the FIA is the unwillingness of the banking sector to cooperate with it.

The preliminary investigation reveals various strange queries linked to the withdrawal of large sums in a single day of Rs500,000 and more, said the official.