Fake Accounts case JIT report makes stunning revelations

Fake Accounts case JIT report makes stunning revelations

ISLAMABAD – Joint investigation team (JIT) probing the mega money laundering and fake accounts case revealed shocking revelations, submitted in the Supreme Court on Monday.

The JIT report is contained on 283 pages, however, the JIT report stated that former president Asif Ali Zardari and his sister Faryal Talpur used Omni group for their safety. It also said that the former president pressurized the accounts department as well as the regulators with misusing his authority through the Sindh government.

The report also stated that the corruption the corruption that he got is similar to a piece of rice in the big pot, adding that the real volume of corruption is bigger than many times.

According to the JIT report, Bahria and Omni Group played a role for Zardari group. “Former president Asif Ali Zardari’s personal expenses were paid through fake bank accounts. Expenses for dog food at Bilawal House and 27 sacrificial goats were also paid for through Omni Group accounts,” the JIT report stated.

The report further said, “These companies paid for Bilawal family’s monthly expenditure of over Rs12 million. Even money for the construction of Bilawal Houses in Lahore and Karachi were paid through fake bank accounts.”

“Omni Group also kept making payments for dry cleaning of Zardari’s clothes,” the report stated. “Rs1.2 billion were transferred to the account of Zardari’s sister, Faryal Talpur, which was used to purchase land for Bilawal House, Lahore and land in Tando Allahyar,” it added.

The JIT report found that the Omni Group paid between Rs120 million to Rs145 million in “personal expenses” to Zardari Group. The “personal expenses” covered food, clothes and dog upkeep.

The report also revealed that the Sindh Bank gave the amount worth of Rs24 billion to Omni Group, although the Sindh Bank can only give4 billion rupees according to the law as per its assets but this was rescheduled.

It also said that Zardari Group took the loan amount worth of Rs53 billion and 400 million. “Icon tower including sixty-storey constructed on the government land in Clifton which was owned by the Zardari and Omni Group’s front-man.”

The JIT startling report also revealed that the land of temple, library and museum were also transferred in name of Omni Group.