Indian Military Generals face an embarrassing international blow over Occupied Kashmir

Indian Military Generals face an embarrassing international blow over Occupied Kashmir

ISLAMABAD - Indian Military Generals face an embarrassing international blow over Occupied Kashmir brutalities.

Canada has initiated a policy of denying visas to ex-Indian army officials over the continued human rights violations undertaken by the Indian troops in Indian-occupied Kashmir, as per the media reports emanating from India.

The Indian army officials who have been denied visa issuance include 2 former lieutenant generals, 2 former officials and 3 former brigadiers of an Indian intelligence agency. Reports reveal that the Canadian Immigration Department noted that these visa requests are being denied due to the ongoing situation and violations undertaken by the Indian Army in the disputed Himalayan region.

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Canada denies Visa to senior Indian Security and Intelligence Officials, labelling them as members of terrorist organisation.... # KashmirStillUnderCurfew link # KashmirUnderThreat link #plebisciteonlysolution link # KashmirIsOurWeAreKashmir link [image: Embedded video] link 16 link 8:28 PM - Aug 21, 2019 link Twitter Ads info and privacy link

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*Indian Army Personnel denied Visas for Kashmir Violence*

An Indian news channel reported that the Canadian government has denied visas to two retired Lieutenant generals, three former brigadiers and two senior officials from the Indian Intelligence Bureau (IB), on grounds that their institutions stand accused of participating in violence.

New Delhi has issued a strong warning to the Canadian Immigration authorities for referring to the personnel of the Intelligence Bureau as a terrorist organization. India has threatened to retaliate if Canada fails to launch an apology to the targeted individuals and institutions. link link link

Indian media reported that Lieutenant-General Ameet Singh, a serving member of the armed forces tabular, has also been denied the issuance of a visit visa to Canada under the same restrictions. Amreet Singh has served as the former director general or military operations, and was also the former quartermaster General.

Lieutenant General Ameet Singh has penned down a letter to the Indian Defence Ministry to condemn the recent policy of the Canadian immigration authorities and the restrictions imposed on him.

“It is highly lamentable that a foreign mission is allowed to cast aspersions on an officer with an unblemished service record, and therefore, the Army as a whole,” Indian media cited his comments in the report,

The letter read, “Civil society and the international community are well informed about operations in Jammu and Kashmir. It is urgent submission that the government take a strong exception to this situation and take up the matter at the appropriate levels.”

It further added, “In addition, as soldiers, we serve where we are ordered to. It should be no one’s argument that service deployments have any bearing on post-retirement entitlements, as a citizen of the country and ex-army officer, I believe I have every right to see the requisite permissions to visit any country of my choosing.”

Sources reveal that the Canadian High Commissioner noted that the rejection of the visa is in light of Lieutenant General Ameet Singh’s services as a sector commander in Indian-occupied Jammu & Kashmir and the overall Indian atrocities committed by the troops in the disputed region.

The Indian media reports link also claimed that Canadian authorities have been deliberately targeted and “insulting” the Indian security establishment and its personnel.

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