India's diplomatic defeat against Pakistan

India's diplomatic defeat against Pakistan

ISLAMABAD - According to diplomatic sources, India tried its level best to have Pakistan downgraded in the Asia Pacific Group.

However, it failed miserably due to work put in by Pakistan.

Diplomatic sources said that the Asia Pacific Group is not mandated to blacklist any country. They said reports in Indian media are completely baseless and part of a malicious propaganda campaign against Pakistan.

Finance Ministry has rejected media reports being circulated about Pakistan being blacklisted by FATF's Asia Pacific Group as incorrect and baseless.

In its reaction to the news published in the Indian media about Pakistan being black listed by the Asia Pacific Group, the Finance Ministry in a statement clarified that the group in its 22nd annual meeting held in Canberra, Australia adopted Pakistan's third Mutual Evaluation Report and has put Pakistan in its enhanced follow-up as per the APG's Third Round Mutual Evaluation Procedures.

The statement said Pakistan would be required to submit follow up progress reports to Asia Pacific Group on quarterly basis.