Police warns citizens over new tactics used by Robbers

Police warns citizens over new tactics used by Robbers

ISLAMABAD - Islamabad Capital Territory Police (ICT-P) has warned the citizens to be aware of new crooks and robbers active in the Capital and avoid giving lift to any stranger or a lonely girl on desolate highways and roads at night.

An official public service message released by ICT-P has exhorted the citizens to remain vigilant while driving late night or in the wee hours. “In case you encounter any young woman standing alone and seeking lift or find lying in a state of unconsciousness by the road then you should not stop for help. Simply pass by her and call 15 to report her location to the police”, said the message.

A police official told APP that it was a new tactic of robbers, operating systematically with the help of a girl to loot people travelling late at night on empty roads and highways in some forest areas.

He said the police force was closely monitoring the situation and would arrest the culprits without any delay. However, it is necessary for citizens to inform police well in time about the miscreants to avoid any major loss or incident.