$6 billion boost to Pakistan from China

$6 billion boost to Pakistan from China

ISLAMABAD: Adviser to PM on Commerce and Textile Abdul Razak Dawood on Tuesday has revealed that Pakistan exports to China can grow by $6 billion after the new Free Trade Agreement.

He said that under the new list of 313 items included in the second phase of China-Pakistan free trade agreement (FTA), the country’s export earnings could increase by $500 million.

He said the new list is not limited to textile specific products but also includes textile goods, leather, engineering, chemicals, furniture, auto parts, plastic, rubber, paper board, ceramic, glass, surgical instruments, footwear, wood, articles of stones, sea food, meat, tractors, home appliances etc.

The second phase of China-Pakistan FTA is scheduled to be signed in Beijing on April 28 during PM Imran Khan’s official visit of to the country.

Dawood said that Beijing imports around $64 billion worth of these items from across the globe, and if Pakistan is successful in capturing just 10pc of that market share, the country’s exports to China could rise to $6bn.

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