Nimirta Kumari murder case takes a new turn

Nimirta Kumari murder case takes a new turn

KARACHI - The mysterious murder of the female medical college student Nimrita Kumari takes a new turn after the statement of his brother.The brother of the deceased rejected reports of Nimrita-Abro marriage speculations.

The denial came few hours after alleged beau Mehran Abro, arrested in connection with ongoing probe into Nimrita’s death, confessed to having relationship with the deceased.

Talking to media, Dr. Vishal, brother of the deceased, urged authorities to not give wrong impression to Nimrita-Abro friendship.

However, police authorities maintained that the accused [Mehran Abro] had also revealed that he had turned down a marriage proposal from the deceased. Police officials also claimed to have recover sleeping pills from deceased’s room while expressing possibility that Nimrita might have been taking them to cope anxiety.

On the other hand, SSP Masood Bangish penned a letter to Dr. Vishal urging latter to lodge a first investigation report (FIR) to take probe further.