PM Imran Khan's biggest successes in one month so far

PM Imran Khan's biggest successes in one month so far

ISLAMABAD- Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf chief Imran Khan, picking up substantial success because of his sheer determination and perseverance, can draw considerable satisfaction in winning favours from outside world, or atleast changing their attitudes, like from America, China, Saudi Arabia, UAE, even India which looks hostile to every Pakistani, and those who may have harboured suspicion, ir ill-will, with the change of regime in Pakistan, or appeared annoyed because of our faulty policies.

The fact that all of them feel satisfied to some or to a satisfactory extent. They look forward to a stronger bonds and relationship after his maiden tour to Saudi Arabia and UAE as head of the government. They have definitely shown substantial inclination to stand alongside Pakistan. The air of suspicion, seems to have largely evaporated, and the sun seems to shine for a better tomorrow on the horizon now. But this is only a humble beginning, much more needs to lie ahead and has to be achieved with hard work alone.

This is no small success, the biggest so far being Nirender Modi’s “yes” to Imran’s offer for talks, which is fixed for September 27 in New York between Shah Mehmood Qureshi, and Sushma Swaraj alongside the UN General assembly meeting, and the Americans reviewing their attitude towards Pakistan. While this would definitely be a matter of considerable success for a person, little known or totally new and unaware with complexities of government working for just a little over a month, it is also matter of extreme pride for his country, and huge public support which he drew towards him during the massive and rather protracted election campaign. They know now that they have a regime which could reflect popular aspirations as their prime duty.

Later in public speech Imran himself clarified that he or Pakistan would no longer be accepting dictation from any one, for Pakistan is a sovereign country, and knows well how to manage its affairs. Pakistan is not going to fight others’ wars. The message was loud and clear to everyone, Washington particular, for it was definitely aimed at the world’s most powerful capital.

America has 11,000 troops in Afghanistan, which looks after President Ashraf Ghani’s palace or Kabul and it speriphery. Nearly 45 to 50 percent Afghan areas are still in Taliban or Daish control, They keep crossing over to Pakistan through porous mountain routes, and create trouble for us. If attacks take place on government troops or others in Afghanistan, it was Kabul or America’s duty to take safety measures. Pakistan can not be held responsible for things it is not involved in. We are not going to fight anyone else’s war, Imran message made public later, was clear and surely has been thoroughly understood by the world, CIA, Pentagon or State Department.

This has so far been a passing reference to job already done, but the task ahead is much more difficult and demands careful handling. Take now the case of Imran’s first visit abroad, starting from Saudi Arabia, a Holy land, he visited Madinah, the last resting place of Holy Prophet (PBUH) bare footed as mark of deep respect for the last messenger of Allah, paid respect at his roazae Mubarak, offered nawafil at Riazul Jannah, flew soon after maghreb to Jeddah for Umrah. He was given special treatment, which showed Saudi’s respect for him, went inside Khaana Kaaba, a rare respect for VVIPs, before entering into negotiations with King Salman, and crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman. He invited them to join CPEC, which his hosts accepted gleefully .

Information Minister Fawad Chadhury announced two days later that Saudi Arabia will be third country to be member of CPEC. That would enlarge its influence, and purpose, apart from beginning worthwhile Saudi investment to Pakistan, which the country needs badly to put its economy back on track. In fact fawad chaudhury also announced that Saudi Arabia will give something like 10 billion dollars to Pakistan, removing impression in unambiguous words that speculations about Nawaz Sharif will be hand over to them. No such interest was shown by his hosts. They showed no interest in Nawaz Sharif. His short and brief visit to UAE capital, in the words of information minister who formed part of premier’s delegation, was tremendous success.

Old history or bitterness has ben set aside, and fond memories of religious bondage and decade old ties have been reaffirmed, Delegations for broadening of investments prospects are due now in next month from Riyadh and Abu Dhabi, which will open doors for new and stronger relationship.

England foreign minister’s dash to Islamabad, and signing of treaty under which those in white collar crime like former finance minister Ishaq Dar, Hasan or Hussain Nawaz, and perhaps Altaf Hussain being repatriated home after submission of evidence against them, is much greater success than could ever be imagined. It was Imran and Imran alone which conveyed to the world that he was chosen by the people to protect their interest, and not indulge in vices that have driven the country to pit’s edge already. Imran, determined since younger age, going through grill for 22 long years, is much more clear headed, learning from bitter experiences now knows his goals, and also the way to pursue it to satisfaction for himself and his country.

The agreement with Britain to allow repatriation of white collar criminals like Ishaq Dar, Hassan and Hussain, or even Altaf Hussain after submission of convincing evidence against them, had turned a dream to reality. But while Ishaq Dar can be easily repatriated after obtaining travel documents, Hassan and Hussein’s repatriation may prove difficult for their being UK citizens, but Barrister Aitzaz Ahsan has already clarified that wealth repatriated to children when they are minor, the onus of wealth belonging to father could be easily proven. However Altaf Hussain won asylum case from British court, and his release or repatriation to Pakistan can only be sought from court, and not through any administrative order.

Whatever has been achieved in brief period, in fact like within twinkle of an eye, will have far greater effect than has been realized. It has been a success story so far, and the fact that French president called Imran twice and Kind Salman spoke to him three times in two weeks, the calling on of ambassador from England, China, Japan, Saudi Arabia, and others showed that there is lot of goodwill for Pakistan abroad with the change of a new regime, with mass following, which indeed augurs well. Soon financial mess too will be clarified with brighter results from our experts handling the job. BY: Salahuddin Haider