PM Imran Khan has a message for India

PM Imran Khan has a message for India

LAHORE - Prime Minister Imran Khan Sunday said that Pakistan’s quest for better relations with India should not be construed as weakness because the objective behind this pursuit was bring the people of the subcontinent out of poverty by starting trade activity. “They have some misunderstanding.

When we, want friendship, it means we desire to end poverty in the subcontinent. Trade will also revive. Someone should not misunderstand it. This should not be construed as weakness,” the prime minister remarked addressing the government servants during his daylong visit here.

He said the people of this country never succumbed to any pressure from any super power. If they hurl any threat, the whole nation stands united to face till the end.

He said Pakistan’s strife for peace was not merely in the interest of Pakistan but both the countries.

The prime minister viewed that arrogant attitude of the Indian leadership would come to end to impropve the situation. He said improvement of the governance in the country and situation in the region could help take off Pakistan’s economy owing to Pakistan’s ideal strategic location with big markets like China, Iran, India and Central Asia in the surrounding.

He told the audience that he had not visited Saudi Arabia to beg any money rather for investment.

However, he said the investors always complained of red-tapism in Pakistan which also discouraged the overseas Pakistanis to invest their money in the country.

He told the government servants that the New Pakistan meant new mindset where the common man would be given protection against the influential ones who had been suffering in the past due tot he politicised police.

The prime minister assured that the civil servants would observe a clear change with no political intervention in their working; however, he sought their support to establish good governance in the country besides reviving the lost reputation of the bureaucracy in Pakistan.