NAB Report reveals startling facts

NAB Report reveals startling facts

ISLAMABAD - Startling figures have been revealed in the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) report.

It has been revealed that Corruption references worth Rs 895 billion are pending in the NAB courts.

NAB released the report of its performance of the last 11 months according to which it arrested 476 people on different charges of alleged corruption, authorised 216 complaints verification, 239 inquiries, 79 investigations and filed 340 corruption references in Accountability Courts across the country.

During 11 months from October 2017 to September 2018, 72 accused persons were convicted by the respective Accountability Courts in various references of corruption filed by NAB and recovered Rs2410.250 million.

The NAB since its inception has received 394,085 complaints, authorised 13,081 complaints verification, 8,496 inquiries, 4,101 investigations and filed 3,386 corruption references in the respective accountability courts and recovered Rs297.483 billion from the corrupt and deposited that to the national exchequer.

Currently, 1,210 corruption references are under process in 26 Accountability Courts across the country against 8,975 accused involving an amount is Rs895.279 billion.