Pakistan economy doubled to $400 billion in last 4 years

Pakistan economy doubled to $400 billion in last 4 years

ISLAMABAD - The Finance Ministry has strongly rejected misconceptions being created in a section of media about the state of country's economy.

A spokesperson of the ministry , in a statement on Saturday, pointed out that the country has witnessed tremendous economic growth over the last four years.

The size of the economy grew from two hundred and twenty-five billion dollars in 2013 to over four hundred billion dollars in 2017.

This was only made possible by the prudent policies of the government that included historically low domestic interest rates, low inflation, and significant surge in private sector credit and huge increase in the PSDP.

The spokesperson clarified that the total debt stood at 19.6 trillion rupees at the end of June 2017.

He said Pakistan's economic indicators are performing well which has been acknowledged internationally and led to an improvement in country's credit rating.