Dunya TV in trouble for airing pro Altaf Hussian slogans programme

Dunya TV in trouble for airing pro Altaf Hussian slogans programme

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) on Friday issued show cause notice to Dunya television for violating its rules and airing illegal content in one of its programme.

Dunya News was issued the notice for airing a programme in which anti-Pakistan and pro-Altaf Hussain slogans were aired and the orders of Lahore High Court were violated.

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The notice was issued on the written complaint of member provincial assembly of Pakistan Tehrik i Insaf (PTI) Khurram Sher Zaman who stated that on different television channels the anti- Pakistan slogans of leaders of MQM London especially Wasey Jalil and Nadeem Nusrat and his associates were aired without any restriction.

Kamran Shahid, host of the programme "On the Front" on Dunya TV aired a video of two minutes in which the MQM London leaders were shouting slogans against Pakistan and in support of Altaf Hussain.

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The content of the programme was not only against the integrity of Pakistan but also hurt the sentiments of millions of Pakistanis, the notice said.

PEMRA also received complaints from citizens on its twitter account and call center against the programme.

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The channel was asked to submit its reply within seven days till September 30 otherwise action will be taken against it leading to closure of programme or a fine of Rs one million.



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