Important decision likely over Pakistan Afghanistan Transit trade

Important decision likely over Pakistan Afghanistan Transit trade

KABUL (Ariana News): The transit problems via Pakistan will soon be resolved, and exports will begin through Torkham and Spin Boldak, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry of Afghanistan reported.

The MCIA says it has been able to reach an agreement with the Pakistani to open the Spin Boldak and Torkham crossings for six days a week to transit.

According to officials, Afghanistan will be able to resume exports through the two crossings following the Eid holidays, noting, “It’s profitable to export through these ports.”

On the other hand, the private sector wants the MCIA to work out other export pathways in addition to that of Pakistan, reasoning “Pakistan’s path is never sure.”

According to officials in the Chamber of Agriculture and Livestock, here we are with the season to harvest fruit; the government must pave the ground for its export.

They also say, “Although it is closer and affordable, it is always uncertain to trade through Pakistan.”

In order for businesses to grow, the government must look for different ways, on national and international levels, experts emphasize.

Challenges triggered by politics have always threatened Afghanistan’s transit and trade relations with Pakistan.