I curse everyone who wants a Karachi province, says Sindh CM

I curse everyone who wants a Karachi province, says Sindh CM

KARACHI: I curse everyone who calls for a separate Karachi province, said Sindh CM Murad Ali Shah at the Sindh Assembly session.

“You should be able to own the motherland you live on,” he said while addressing Khawaja Izharul Hassan, the Opposition Leader in the Sindh Assembly. Hassan is an MQM lawmaker .

“There was this man who would make hours-long speeches and you would listen to him, saying ‘Ji bhai, Ji bhai’,” the CM said. Other treasury members seated behind the CM smiled and thumped their desks.

The CM said he condemned the Leader of the Opposition’s speech regarding a separate province. “I condemn and I curse all those who want a separate province,” he said.

On Saturday, the opposition lawmakers in the Sindh Assembly had continued with their criticism of the PPP-led government’s lack of attention to social issues. MQM lawmakers had suggested that if the PPP did not change its attitude towards Karachi until the next assembly session, they would demand that the city be made a separate administrative unit.

As the general election approaches, most Pakistani political parties pander to ethnic insecurities. The PPP has vowed to carve a province out of Punjab but is adamant to never let that happen in its stronghold, Sindh. The MQM, on the other hand, often renews calls for a separate province during its election campaigns. However, little practical efforts are made once the party manages to seat itself in powerful quarters.Published in Pakistan. APP

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