Muslim family attacked in India, asked by Hindu extremists to "go back" to Pakistan

Muslim family attacked in India, asked by Hindu extremists to

NEW DELHI - A Muslim family and their guests were attacked in the Indian village of Dhamaspur in Gurgaon on Holi evening.

A group of between 20 to 25 men burst into their house and beat them with sticks and rods.

According to *Indian Express link, *the incident occurred after some men approached boys of the family who were playing cricket outside and demanded they “go to Pakistan and play”.

One man was arrested for the attack. According to the FIR, the attack occurred at 5pm at the house of Mohammad Sajid, a native of Uttar Pradesh who had been living in the village with his wife and six children for three years.

Sajid’s nephew Dilshaad, who was one of the victims of the attack, said they were playing cricket in a vacant plot near their house when two men approached them on a motorcycle and told them to go to Pakistan and play. They began fighting and when my uncle intervened, the boy sitting at the back of the bike slapped him and said ‘You wait, we will show you’, narrated Dilshaad.

He said 10 minutes late, six boys on bikes and several men approached their home armed with “spears, sticks and swords”.

He said they ran into their house and the men demanded they come out or they would kill them. “When we did not go out, they forced their way in and started beating us up,” he said in his police complaint.