In yet another blow, Narendra Modi biopic ridiculed in India

In yet another blow, Narendra Modi biopic ridiculed in India

*NEW DELHI - As the makers of the much hyped Narendra Modi biopic released the trailer of the movie on Thursday social media is mocking the film aimed at portraying an ultra-nationalist politician as a hero.*

The movie’s director Omung Kumar and makers Suresh Oberoi and Sandip Singh further damaged their project by casting Suresh’s son Vivek Oberoi in the lead role as social media is mocking him since the release of the first poster of the movie with remarks like ‘failed actor playing a failed PM’

The movie set to release on April 12 is clearly aimed at influencing the upcoming elections in India with the heroic portrayal of Modi and reportedly some parties have petitioned the India’s election commission to stop release of the movie during elections.

The two-minute trailer glorifies his so-called achievements and *desh bhakti *to the extent that even Indians have ridiculed the trailer online.

One of the foremost critics of the trailer was *‘Rang De Basanti’* actor Siddharth who took to Twitter to sarcastically point out that the trailer misses out on how Modi won India its independence by “single-handedly wiping out the British Empire” thus generating a lot of laughs.