World is in danger because of Facebook

World is in danger because of Facebook

Convivial media is spreading with unimaginable haste, there are countless gregarious media apps through which people are communicating and sharing their lives.

Population of the world is 7.6 billion and staggering 3.5 billion people are utilizing the cyber world; virtually 3.2 billion people are utilizing the social media sites. 91% retails brands utilize the convivial media to advertise their business. 81 percent minute and medium businesses are utilizing the gregarious media to promote their trade. With so many people are utilizing the gregarious media sites and internet; it gives gregarious media power and ascendancy to shape and form the world own its own term.

Facebook is the most immensely colossal gregarious media site the world. 2.072 billion People are utilizing the Facebook; millions of people upload pictures, videos, check in and other activities on the gregarious media sites.

By analyzing the pictures, videos and other activities Facebook can facilely presage about the personality of its users. Edifier of Stand ford university Michal Kosinski conducted a research: in this research virtually 86000 people participated.

By just analyzing their relishes it’s possible to decipher an individual’s level of openness, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness and neuroticism then they called them and gave them a questionnaire after solving the questionnaire they analyzed their data with computer algorithm: with just ten likes they were able to presage 65 percent of the participants’ traits. This researched withal highlighted the reach of the Facebook in our personal life. It can additionally reveal our personal information. Even when we are sitting abaft the screen in our bedrooms but we are still in front of the whole world.

Even on the personal level it’s seems a very frighteningly eerie concept that somebody can get into your mind even he never interacted with you in authentic life.

This thing can even affect your cerebrating, your life, and your buying demeanor and can even make you more extremist. Facebook analyze your buying demeanor through the relishes you do on Facebook and after that they give you those ads according to your relishes, you perpetually optically discern those advertisements and it’s impacts your mind. In fact through this Facebook even dictate what you should buy.

It’s withal put you self-accommodating and delusional bubble of inculcation. According to your relishes they give you that news more in your newsfeeds; you interact more with those news which is according to your cerebrating. You interact very less with the antithesis views.

It can make you more extremist and you optically discern the world only from your angel, your dimension and from your perspective. With all these things current revelations showed a very drastic impact of Facebook data larceny. During the American election firms with name of Cambridge data analytic access the Facebook users’ data and sell it to trump’s campaign to make more precise campaign messages.

These revelations were so solemn that Lawmakers and regulators across the US and Europe are calling for investigations into Facebook amid revelations that personal data from 50 million of the convivial media giant’s users was furtively harvested by a data analytics firm that worked on the Trump campaign.

In an interview with MIC magazine Ignacio Cofone, a research fellow at Incipient York University who studies privacy law and behavioral economics, verbally expressed “Facebook kens that data offers illimitable possibilities,” in a phone interview. “If I give Facebook whatever we estimate my data in 2017 to be worth in mazuma, it’d simply have the wealth. With data, it’s able to prehend my information to show me ads now and withal later on.”

This becomes very earnest issue because it’s not only controlling your life in very immense way but it’s additionally affecting the political set up prodigiously and sizably voluminous country. It can have the impact on the destiny of the world because Trump has those policies which are leading world towards the eradication.

He is openly gainsays the climate change, he is misogynist and additionally gasconades about utilizing atomic weapons. Concept of Data larceny looks scarier when we cerebrate in the view of those nations which are not very literate. How much it can impact the political scenario of these countries.

How much fake news and hate mongering can affect the politics, culture and social fabrics of these countries. Even in Europe ISIS used Facebook to magnetize adolescent Muslims. After witnessing all these facts it can safely verbally expressed: Facebook can be the reason of ravagement of the world. In lieu of assembling people it’s becoming the reason of their disunion.

Facebook is the biggest social media; it also has very big responsibility. Facebook should not behave like a thief and it must take measure to curb violence and hate speech on its platform. Otherwise it can be a big danger for the existence and stability of this world.