Pakistan US to move forward together by removing differences: sources

Pakistan US to move forward together by removing differences: sources

ISLAMABAD - Pakistan has once again told US that it will not accept any ‘do-more’ demands.

If United States has proof of any terrorist safe haven it should share it with Pakistan. Pakistan will not allow US or any other country to take action on its land. There will be no joint action either.

Pakistan has clarified that it is ready to cooperate in the Afghan reconciliation process according to its national security policy. For this purpose, all stakeholders including Afghan government and the US will have to prepare a framework for joint dialogue policy.

Sources told that the ‘do-more’ and ‘dialogue’ policies cannot go side by side. If the US wants coordinated relations with Pakistan, the country will have to adopt a balanced policy, Tribune has reported.

US authorities have assured Pakistan that the Trump administration will continue dialogue on all issues and all the reservations will be addressed in an amiable manner.

According to the sources, the efforts to hold backdoor diplomacy started after Afghan government’s announcement to initiate talks with Taliban for the restoration of the reconciliation process.

The coordinators and the influential religious scholars want the Afghan Taliban to make a formal announcement of a coordination committee. The objective is that an area of Afghanistan is announced ‘safe zone’ where the parties can hold talks for peace process.

Pakistan and Afghanistan also discussed the reconciliatory talks during National Security Adviser Lt Gen (retd) Nasser Khan Janjua’s recent visit to Afghanistan .

Both the countries have hinted at adopting a coordinated policy for resumption of talks with Taliban.

Officials of Pakistan, United States and Afghanistan are in contact with each other for gradual resumption of talks for Afghan reconciliation process and progress is expected soon.

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