China-Russia developed commercial aircraft under design

China-Russia developed commercial aircraft under design

BEIJING:A new commercial wide-body passenger jet being jointly developed by China and Russia has entered the preliminary design stage, according to an announcement by the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC).

The state-owned COMAC set up a joint venture with its Russian partner United Aircraft Corp (UAC) in May last year to build the new jet, which was officially named the CR929 in September.

According to earlier reports, China will design and build the plane's fuselage, and Russia will design the wings.

The two sides are expected to jointly develop the engines. The aircraft will have a design range of 12,000 kilometers.

The CR929 project aims to break the duopoly of Boeing and Airbus in the wide-body passenger aircraft market.

It is also a strategic project for China and Russia to carry out practical cooperation in the development of advanced technology.

Shi Jianzhong, vice manager of COMAC, says the 280-seat aircraft will be developed in accordance with international standards of airworthiness. It is expected to be completed by 2025. APP/AFP

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