NEW DELHI: ICC rejects Bangladesh Taskin Ahmed suspension appeal 


NEW DLEHI: ICC rejects Bangladesh pace bowler Taskeen Ahmed appeal against suspension from international cricket for his illegal action.


ICC said “Independent assessments have found the bowling actions of Bangladesh’s Arafat Sunny and Taskeen Ahmed to be illegal and, as such, both the bowlers have been suspended from bowling in international cricket with immediate effect.”


ICC claimed that the suspension was upheld by a judicial commissioner after reviewing the case.


ICC suspended Taskeen and Arafat after testing their bowling actions that breached bowling rules last week.


However Bangladesh Cricket Board’s senior official said that it has been decided to review the ban on Taskeen from international cricket and claimed for justice.


He said “We believe Taskeen has a legal action. We have laid down our observations to the BCB and we hope they would discuss the matter with the ICC.”


ICC started crackdown against suspect action bowlers in 2014 and many leading bowlers have been suspended including former number one ranked Pakistan’s spinner Saeed Ajmal.