KABUL: US General Nicholson apologises from Afghanis

KABUL: US General Nicholson apologises from Afghanis

KABUL: US General John Nicholson apologized from Afghan nation for the incident of American bombing at a hospital last year which killed 42 people and wounded 37.


Nicholson met with victim’s families and hospital staff in Kunduz and expressed his griefs.


Nicholson said “As a commander, I wanted to come to Kunduz personally and stand before the families, and people of Kunduz, to deeply apologize for the events”


“I grieve with you for your loss and suffering; and humbly and respectfully ask for your forgiveness.”


US investigation committee claimed that the incident occurred due to the technical problem in mapping system of jet and also punished more than a dozen military personnel who were responsible for the strike.


Nicholson is appointed as a new commander of US and NATO forces in Afghanistan who replaced Army General John Campbell.


NATO mission has been over in Afghanistan in 2014 but few troops are still present in the country to provide guidance to the Afghan troops.


Afghan security forces are suffering a record loss after the end of NATO combat mission in late 2014.


Militants and insurgent groups are targeting Afghan security forces in suicide attacks at wide range.