Loadshedding, Power Cuts to continue in 2018: NEPRA Report

Loadshedding, Power Cuts to continue in 2018: NEPRA Report

ISLAMABAD: The latest report by NEPRA has revealed that the power outages and the loadshedding will continue in Pakistan during the year 2018.

The country will continue to experience loadshedding even in 2018 due to constraints in the transmission and distribution networks.

The government will be able to erase the electricity deficit by adding generation of almost 9,000MW in the system by the-said year, unfolds the State of Industry Report 2016 which contains nine recommendations of Nepra providing the roadmap to the government to improve and reform the power sector on sustainable basis.

The year 2018 is the election year and the PML-N government had built its election campaign promising the masses that country will be loadshedding-free by end of their five year rule if they are voted.

The Nepra’s report divulging that power outages may continue to haunt the masses in 2018 on account of system constraints is enough to raise eyebrows of the top man of the government who is very touchy and sensitive to loadshedding.