China takes a bold stance in Pakistan favour on war against terrorism

China takes a bold stance in Pakistan favour on war against terrorism

BEIJING: China has emphasised Pakistan’s importance in South Asia and has requested all the foreign countries to recognise Pakistan’s contribution in fight against terrorism. The sovereignty of Pakistan shall be respected.

“Pakistan is on the forefront of the global fight against terrorism. It has been firmly opposing terrorism and has made important sacrifices and contributions to the fight against terrorism and maintaining regional security and stability,” said Gen Shuang, the Chinese Foreign Ministry’s spokesperson in his weekly press briefing.

As per the current situation in Afghanistan, he was questioned about his concerns regarding the US Administration considering a review in their policy of relations with Pakistan. He answered, “We have noted the relevant report.”

“Pakistan is an important country in South Asia. Peace stability and economic development in Pakistan serves the interest of regional countries and people,” he added

When asked about the Chinese Foreign Minister’s expected visits to Pakistan and Afghanistan, he replied that China maintains friendly relations and close high-level exchange with both the countries. Stating his remarks about Pakistan and Afghanistan, the Chinese spokesperson said that they are expecting both the countries to improve their communication so their relations would grow stronger. 

“They should also work together to improve and ensure regional peace and stability and China would like to play a constructive role towards that end,” he added.

While putting aside a question that Pakistan has been offered by China to build a dam in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B) and incorporate it with the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), he said CPEC is a new cooperation framework for the two countries to achieve a long-term development. He said that CPEC would not only promote mutual development of the two countries but also contribute in the development and prosperity of the region.

“We know that there are some concerns about this corridor but we keep stressing that this economic corridor is just an economic initiative for cooperation and it targets no third country and does not connect with any sovereign disputes,” he added.

Geng Shuang is hopeful that Pakistan would soon be able to resolve its dispute with India through meaningful negotiations. In response to a question about progress of kidnapping case of two Chinese nationals in Pakistan, he said the Chinese government has high concerns about this case, adding that they were still coordinating with the Pakistan to verify the situation.