Governor KP-UNHCR chief discuss Afghan Refugees repatriation and return of TDPs 

Governor KP-UNHCR chief discuss Afghan Refugees repatriation and return of TDPs 

PESHAWAR: (APP) The visiting UN High Commissioner for Refugees to Pakistan, Mr. Flippo Grandi called on Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Engr. Iqbal zafar Jhagra here at Governor's House on Thursday and discussed matters pertaining to the Afghan refugees in the province and situation in the region.

The matters related to the support and close collaboration of UNHCR in support of refugee operations and the facilitation of the return of Temporary Displaced Persons (TDPs) were also came under discussion.

Ms. Daisy Dell, Director of the Regional Bureau for Asia and the Pacific and Ms. Melissa Ruth Fleming, Chief of the Communications and Public Information Service were also accompanying the High Commissioner. Additional Secretary to Governor, Attaullah Shah Bukhari and other relevant high officials were also present in the meeting.

During the meeting, the Governor said that the dignified return of Afghan refugees was a priority of Government. He highlighted the steps are being taken to ensure the provision of the facilities to legal Afghan Refugees and assured that all possible facilities would be provided them.

The Governor said there should be comprehensive repatriation plan for Afghan Refugees to their homeland. He said that Afghan government should facilitate the refugees on their return as it will be helpful in their nation building process.

The Governor also apprised the UN High Commissioner about the steps been taken for the return and rehabilitation of TDPs in FATA and said comprehensive steps have been taken to ensure the successful return of TDPs and their rehabilitation. He said with the efforts and sacrifices of Pak Army and our security forces, peace has been restored in the tribal region and now we are heading towards the phase of peace and development.

Governor said that 70 percent TDPs of tribal areas have been repatriated adding that all the displaced persons from FATA would be sent back to their homes till the end of this year. He further emphasized that with the dignified return of TDPs , prompts measures been taken for their immediate settlement and rehabilitation and to bring them into mainstream adding that socio-economic uplift and the development of tribal region was the foremost priority of the incumbent Government.

Iqbal Zafar Jhagra appreciated the role UNHCR and continuous engagements over return of Afghan refugees and their support of refugee operations and in the process of return of TDPs . He also urged the international community to come forward and support Pakistan resolving this issue.

In the response, Mr. Flippo Grandi also acknowledged the efforts of Pakistan for hosting the major refugee population for more than three decades and further assured his full support in the refugee operations and the repatriation process of TDPs .


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