Imran Khan urges Karachi supporters to fight mafias

Imran Khan urges Karachi supporters to fight mafias

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf chairman Imran Khan Sunday addressed an election rally in Karachi, urging his supporters to fight mafias for changing fate of the country, reported.

“People of Karachi, you are the most politically literate people. All major political movements have sparked from Karachi,” he said at a large public meeting at Bagh-e-Jinnah.

“People of Karachi, we are not fighting political parties, we are fighting mafias. And in this fight you have the heaviest responsibility to shoulder,” Khan said.

He urged supporters to vote his party to power. “You have a golden chance to change the fate of this entire country.”

Imran Khan apologized to the people of Karachi, saying that he could not do what he should have done.

Khan took aim at the PPP and the MQM for ignoring Karachi.

“In the matter of Karachi, PPP is least interested while MQM always used to say they have no authority. So where should people of Karachi go?” Khan said.

He leveled allegations at PPP leadership, saying that PPP used Lyari gangster Uzair Baloch.

“The extent of hooliganism in Sindh is evident from Uzair Baloch's confession that he actually killed people at Zardari and Faryal Talpur's behest.”

“Uzair Baloch had confessed that he vacated houses around Bilawal House forcefully,” Khan asserted.

Imran criticized Nawaz Sharif, Shehbaz Sharif and the outgoing PML-N government’s policies.

“I am thankful to the CJP for best describing the Sharifs as ‘godfather’ and ‘sicilian mafia’,” Khan said.

“Ten years ago Pakistan's foreign debt was Rs6,000 billion. Now it is Rs28,000 billion. Where did the money go? Did you see any major development, any dam? The debt will be repaid by you,” Khan said.

“The biggest ‘bomb’ Indian media is so worried about transparent elections in Pakistan because they also want to protect Sharif,” claimed Imran Khan , adding that Sharif’s criticism of the army was aimed at ‘appeasing international establishment.’

“We should be thankful that we have a strong army, otherwise this country would have been broken into pieces.”

He praised PTI-led KP government for improving health and education sectors, promising that the party, after coming to power, will ensure merit-based system in Pakistan.

“Unless all institutions are run on the basis of merit, the country won't succeed. When there will be merit, this country will prosper,” he said.

Khan deplored the death of PTI candidate Ikram Khan Gandapur, who was killed in a suicide attack in Dera Ismail Khan (Sunday).

“I want to pay homage to the entire Gandapur family on behalf of the whole country,” he said.

Khan was of the view that Pakistan is facing terrorism due to someone else's war.

“From now on, Pakistan will never become a part of someone else's war. We had nothing to do with 9/11 incident. No Pakistani was involved yet we have paid the heaviest price to date.”

“I want to say it on record, the wave of terrorism that we face to date, was due to Pakistan's unwilling participation in someone else's war.” APP